The field of sport business is becoming more global creating the need for more comprehensive marketing and sponsorship strategies. However, the recent economic crisis has reduced the amount of funds available to support these types of initiatives. In this context, matching the correct sponsor with the correct asset, combined with an innovative sponsorship activation becomes essential to reach the KPIs of top brands.


Strategy is at the core of everything we do. Nothing exists in KATAPULT SPORTS without strategy. Our duty is to identify the best assets in sports & entertainment to achieve the objectives of our brands. The other business areas within KATAPULT (videogames, theatres, music) offer clear synergies to our partners and enable us to offer comprehensive strategies that can touch and interconnect different assets in different environments, but always within the world of entertainment.


KATAPULT SPORTS as an agency offers its clients unique opportunities within the sports marketing market with a sole objective: communicate, build brand and activate in a completely different way. Our core asset is the capacity and experience to create original and breaking-through concepts that will “katapult” our partners fast and effectively, always in line with their image and objectives.


We offer 3600 strategic marketing services to those brands looking for a differential factor, the element to make them outstand from the rest, in other words, be different. We also consult and assist to football clubs in their business development and Brand building process in overseas markets.