Club América officially presents their captains for their virtual team in VFO

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Club América officially presented their captains for their virtual team in VFO in a press conference held at their facilities on the 9th June 2017. Over 40 media outlets attended the event where there were disclosed all the details about VFO México and the participation of Club América in it.


Miguel Herrera, current coach of Club América’s first squad, was the person in charge of introducing both captains, Aaron Reyes (Xbox platform) and Juan Carlos Rosas (PlayStation platform). David Tisner, co-founder of VFO, also attended the press conference on behalf of the organization to explain all the details of the competition and the expansion plans of VFO in México.


México is the first country where VFO opens after Spain, and Club América is the first club, not only in México but worldwide, to join the competition after the Spanish football clubs.


Conoce a los capitanes del Club América en eSports

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