Star Wars Battlefront presentation event

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Katapult was the agency selected by ELECTRONIC ARTS to organize the presentation event for the videogame Star Wars Battlefront. The event took place one month ahead of the worldwide premier in theatres of the new episode of the Star Wars saga.


Over 400 hundred guests attended the event held in the recently opened venue Bvcca Madrid. The show had several surprises for the attendees, including a performance by the famous Spanish stand-up comedian Julián López, the appearance of the well-known Spanish cook Chicote and the popular youtuber Alexby, who played live a cooperative game of Battlefront, and a replica of a speeder bike. A karaoke with a band performing live on stage and several Philips Ambilight screens for trying the new Star Wars Battlefront were some of the other attractions of the event. Nevertheless, one of the peaks of the night was the sudden appearance of 50 members of the Spanish garrison of the 501st Legion, including several dozens of stormtroopers and the iconic Darth Vader.

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