Presentation of FCB Escola in Katsushika, Tokyo (Japan)

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Katapult Sports has been the agency in charge of negotiating the contract between The Foundation for the Child Challenging the Future (Katsushika ward Council) and FC Barcelona for the FCB Escola to be opened in Katsushika ward (Tokyo) in April 2015. This will be the second FCB School opened by the club in Japan after the one opened in Fukuoka in 2012.


The agreement was presented to the public on March 11th 2015 in a press conference held in Katsushika, Tokyo. David Tisner, Managing Director of Katapult Sports was present in the event, along with the main representatives of Katsushika ward Council, The Foundation for the Child Challenging the Future, and FCB Escola, represented by Toni Clavería (Coordinator of International FCB Escola Projects) and Aitor Olmo (future Technical Director of the FCB Escola Katsushika).

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