Presentation of FCB Campuses in Tokyo

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KATAPULT Sports has been the agency selected to negotiate the contract for 4 FC Barcelona Campuses between Katsushika ward Council and FC Barcelona. The Campuses will be held in Katsushika (Tokyo) throughout the following 12 months. By this contract FCB organizes for the first time a Campus in one of the most important metropolis in the world, while Tokyo secures a series of football Campuses with the current top football club worldwide.


On 28th February 2013 the agreement was presented to the public in a press conference held in Katsushika, Tokyo. KATAPULT Sports was present in the event along with the main representatives of Katsushika ward Council, including the Major, and Aitor Olmo, head coach of the FC Barcelona Escola in Fukuoka, who will be the person responsible for managing the 4 Campuses in Tokyo.


Yoichi Takahashi, creator of the universally renowned football TV-series “Captain Tsubasa” (“Oliver y Benji” in Spain), also attended the event. In the original TV show, the main character ended up playing for FCB; now the story came true with the arrival of Mr. Takahashi’s beloved team to his home town for a series of training Campuses for kids.

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