Official FC Barcelona visit to FCB escola Katsushika

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An official representation of FC Barcelona’s Board, commanded by Vice-presidents Jordi Cardoner (Social Area and Foundation) and Manel Arroyo (Marketing and Communication), Pau Vilanova (Social Area Manager), Francesco Calvo (Commercial Manager), Óscar Grau (FCB Escoles Director) and former first team player Juliano Belleti visited the FCB Escola in Katsushika while the Club is staying in Tokyo for the Club’s World Cup.


In the event, celebrated on the pitch where the kids train every day under the FCB methodology, was also present Mr. Katsunori Aoki, Major of Katsushika, and Masayoshi Akimoto, Director of the Foundation for the Child Challenging the Future…and Yamashita Koshiro, the eight-year old kid from the FCB Escola Katsushika that became famous for singing the Barça anthem during the training the previous day, and who made a speech in catalán, thanking the visit and showing the pride that means representing Barça so far away from Barcelona.

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