Katapult Sports creates VFO (Virtual Football Organization)

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The Virtual Football Organization will be a league played with the EA SPORTS FIFA videogame, using the Pro Clubs mode (that allows games of 11 vs 11 players simultaneously online), in which several types of teams will compete: official football clubs, brand clubs, professional videogame clubs and amateur clubs. All will coexist within the same league and will fight for promotion, relegation and the League & Cup Trophies, just like in real life.


VFO will start with six teams from LaLiga onboard: Valencia CF, Sevilla FC, Villarreal CF, Real Sociedad, Sporting de Gijón and Real Zaragoza, one brand club (Philips HUE FC) and a professional videogame club (x6tence).


Competition will start in January 2017.

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