FCB Escolas and Campuses in Japan

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KATAPULT Sports helped FC Barcelona to extend and promote its brand in Asia, and also to transmit the working philosophy and values of Barça to the world by providing consultancy services and developing a marketing campaign for FCB in the opening of sport campuses and schools in Japan.


Since 2007 FCB and KATAPULT Sports are engaged in the opening of football campuses in Japan. Talented footballers have the opportunity to train within the unique context provided by the philosophy, methodology and values that define FC Barcelona.


Capitalizing on the success of FCB Campuses, KATAPULT Sports and FCB further collaborated in a project to create FCB Escolas (“Schools”) in the major Japanese cities. Children aged between 9 and 14 years started their Barça experience in 2010 with the inauguration of FCB Escola FUKUOKA. Japan is well- known for providing fine football players to the European football market, this initiative will only help to further increase the level of Japanese coaches and players.

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